Alain Fabregues


Alain, a natural chef, started cooking as a child of six years old, helping his grandmother make patés.
His family has a tradition of cooking which dates back to Napoleonic days (his great-great grandmother cooked for Napoleon’s army).

Alain was an apprentice in Bordeaux, and later went on to work with various masters of French cuisine.
Alain’s education and apprenticeship was under the late Jean Delaveyne, the noted master.

He moved to Australia in 1970 and opened The Loose Box in 1979, since then he has been ‘Chef of the Year’ four times in a row and barred from further entry.
He has personally won the Salon Culinaire Gold Medal for nine consecutive years
(1980 to 1989).

The Loosebox has won many awards and prizes, and has been renowned around the country. In 1991 Alain became a holder of the prestigious ‘Meiller Ouvrier De France’ the highest honour attainable by a craftsman,and is now prevented from entering any personal competitions.

Since then, Presidents Mitterand and Chirac each awarded Alain, by decree, a knighthood.

In his new book, "Degustation" (published in 2010), he shares his journey with humour and insight, giving us a glimpse into the world of a dedicated artistic master.


Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1991 ( M.O.F )

Chevalier de L Ordre du Mérite Agricole ( 1994 )

Chevalier du Mérite National ( 2004 )

Founder of the Inaugural Mundaring Truffle Festival